2017 Tokyo Art Book Fair Interview Series–Lori Ono

The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2017 is a month away! Five Art Byte Critique members will be at a table with six artists’ new work and favorites from previous years. Please stop by and say hi. We have a series of interviews with the six participants. We start with Canadian artist, Lori Ono.

NAME: Lori Ono
TIME IN JAPAN: About 20 years

How many TABF have you participated in?
This is my fourth time to participate. I’m just as excited as the first time but maybe less nervous. I can’t wait to see what other book artists will make.

What is the biggest challenge for you when you make a book?
Finding the best form for a book or page layout is fun but challenging. I want to try unusual material or create unusual shapes.

What kind of books are you making for this fair?
I started a zine series called MaiNichiMushroom Magazine and I’m trying to finish the series for TABF. The Case of the Golden Mushroom is an illustrated chapter book and Water Safety is a felt and embroidered book. I’m also making different mamebon.

Do you have any art book heroes?
There are several people I follow on Instagram.

How did working with Art Byte Critique help you prepare your work?
I have a tendency to make things too complicated or over-engineer. My ABC colleagues really help me to edit my ideas.

Do you have any advice for people coming to the book fair?
Talk to the book artists! Don’t be shy about asking questions.

You can find Lori and her work at:
Blog: www.thespendypencil.wordpress.com
Instagram: loriono_thespendypencil
Twitter: @thespendypencil

Tokyo Art Book Fair is at Warehouse TERRADA
2-6-10 Higashishinagawa Shinagawa-ku Tokyo

Preview/Reception and Hours and Admission
October 5th (Thu) 15:00-21:00(Tentative)
Admission: 1,000 yen

Free Admission and Hours:
October 6th (Fri) 12:00-20:00
October 7th (Sat) 12:00-20:00
October 8th (Sun) 11:00-19:00

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