What are ABC artists up to these days?

We are now busy preparing a presentation for a group exhibition proposal, but here’s just a taste of what else we have in the works!

Art Byte Critique was recently included in INDIE Magazine’s article “Game Changing Art Collectives to Check Out”

Sept 9 – Oct 9 – 2017 Nakanojo Bienniale Arthur J Huang and Yuka Otani are among the over 150 artists participating in the sixth edition

Sept 28 – Oct 1 Mia Oo will have work and be attending the 3rd Mokuhanga International Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii

Oct 5 – 8: Art Byte Critique received great news this past Sunday that we have been included in the upcoming 2017 Tokyo Art Book Fair for the 4th year in a row! 6 of us are participating this year, coordinated this year by Lori Ono.  Also participating are Yuko Kamei, Louise Rouse, Arthur J Huang, Patty Hudak, & Nick West

Oct 6 – First Friday in Honolulu, Hawaii – Deanna Gabiga will have a show of new works at Chinatown Lofts

Expect to see work by Michelle Zacharias to pop-up in Kyoto near the end of October/early November.

Ruri Clarkson – She is keeping us in suspense with a new (still secret!!) project 🙂 In the meantime she has posted work at www.chromatope.com

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